Top 5 Resources for Finding Great Car Insurance


Car owners know the additional expenses they are going to incur as a result of having their own vehicle, from vehicle excise duty to fuel, insurance, and other associated costs that may need meeting from time to time. It is common for all car owners to always be looking for the best deal on whatever […]

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Do You Need to Protect Your No Claims Discount?


A drivers’ no claims discount is often a point of pride. After all, it is a great indicator of how safe a driver you are if you haven’t had any accidents that were your fault in the last X years. However, in the modern days of insurers asking about non-fault accidents as well as about […]

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Tips for Finding a Chauffeur Insurance Broker


Whether you are a full time chauffeur or you do it during evenings and at weekends to bring in some extra money, you are naturally going to want to have the best chauffeur insurance policy you can. While searching online yourself can lead you to great deals, working with a broker that provides chauffeur insurance […]

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Tips for Finding a Courier Insurance Broker

Finding courier insurance, whether you are doing it for the first time or you have been doing the job for years, can be intimidating and frustrating in equal measure. As a result, finding a courier insurance broker to help you get the cover you need is something that many consider. Although some people dislike dealing […]

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What Should Chauffeur Insurance Policies Cover?


It does not matter whether you are a full time chauffeur and it is your main source of income, or whether it is something you do to bring in extra money at evenings and weekends. Whatever your circumstances, you need to ensure you have the correct level of insurance cover before you go out to […]

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Tips for Finding a Minibus Insurance Broker


Whatever vehicle you drive, it is natural that you want to find the best possible insurance cover. While you can use comparison websites and various other tools, using an insurance broker is often the best way to get access to the best range of deals and get your vehicle insured as efficiently as possible with […]

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What Should Courier Insurance Policies Cover?

Becoming a courier is an option that many people are exploring. Some are doing small pieces of courier work, such as delivering post and parcels in their local area for a few hours each morning, while others do it as a full time job. While there are adverts in numerous publications and online that talk […]

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Should Taxis Be Going Greener?


Environmental issues are nothing new to anyone who keeps up with current affairs. For at least 20 years, we have all been told that we should be doing more to help the environment. This has seen huge changes in the way individuals live and in the way businesses operate. Businesses that involve the use of […]

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Iconic London Black Cabs Go White for Australian Trial

While taxis and minicabs are ultimately just cars on the road, they are an iconic part of many cities around the world.  London and New York City, in particular, are famous around the world for their black cabs and yellow minicabs respectively. The black mini cabs of London have undergone a recent makeover, however, and […]

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Tips for Finding a Limousine Insurance Broker

It doesn’t matter whether you own a limousine to use for your own personal pleasure or you’re using it to hire out and make some extra income, you’re naturally going to want to find the best insurance policy that meets you needs. Because the intricacies of limousine insurance can be complex, depending on your reasons […]

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