Chauffeur Insurance FAQs


What is chauffeur insurance and how is it different to private car insurance?

Here in the UK, it is a legal requirement to hold a minimum level of insurance to use your vehicle on a public highway. This type of insurance is commonly referred to as private car insurance.

If you will be using the vehicle to carry passengers for hire and reward not only will you need to be licensed by your local authority but you will also have to purchase chauffeur insuranceChauffeur Insurance will sometimes be referred to by the following terms: chauffeur insurance, private hire insurance, hire and reward insurance, executive vehicle insurance and prestige vehicle insurance.

What use is required for chauffeur drivers?

Private Hire Insurance – Private hire refers to pre-booked appointments for hire and reward usually taken at the chauffeur office/base.

Can I use my existing vehicle as a chauffeur vehicle?

This would depend on which vehicle you currently own. Typical types of vehicles used for chauffeuring are BMW, Mercedes, Bentley, Rolls-Royce etc – used for their size, comfort and prestige for the professional client. Less prestigious vehicles will still be able to obtain private hire insurance but this will usually be referred to as minicab insurance.

Will my chauffeur insurance be expensive if I have not had a taxi badge for long or if I do not have any chauffeur no claim bonus?

Here at XYZ Insurance we have specialist schemes available for chauffeur drivers with nil chauffeur no claim bonus entitlement. If you have no claim bonus on a private car we will take this into account and apply a discount allowing us to offer you a competitive quotation. We also have heavily discounted schemes available for chauffeur drivers who have been driving a rental vehicle or on somebody else’s policy and can obtain proof of this.

As a young company ourselves we are aware that everybody has to start somewhere and have very competitive schemes for new chauffeur drivers. We will endeavor to find a policy that suits your exact needs.

What cover do I have to have?

The choice of cover is yours; we will be able to offer you: • Full Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft or Third Party Only • All for private hire chauffeur use.

Are there any add ons or extras that may be beneficial to me as a chauffeur driver?

XYZ Insurance understands that your chauffeur vehicle is your livelihood and without it you simply cannot work. We therefore will supply you with a plated courtesy vehicle so you can continue working in the event of a non fault claim. For an extra premium we can also guarantee you a plated courtesy vehicle for 14 days in the event of a fault claim. We can also supply chauffeur breakdown and public liability Insurance at very competitive premiums. Ask an advisor for more information.

Can I add my partner wife/husband to the policy for social use?

Yes. If it is acceptable to your local authority, it is absolutely no problem for us.

Can I add another chauffeur driver to my policy?

Yes. Although this may increase the amount that you pay forchauffeur insurance.

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If you require any further information regarding chauffeur insurance then please do not hesitate to pick up the telephone and speak to one our Chauffeur Insurance Account Handlers who will be only too happy to help with your enquiry.