Tips for Finding a Chauffeur Insurance Broker

Whether you are a full time chauffeur or you do it during evenings and at weekends to bring in some extra money, you are naturally going to want to have the best chauffeur insurance policy you can. While searching online yourself can lead you to great deals, working with a broker that provides chauffeur insurance is usually even more cost effective.

Using a broker is also helpful because there are different elements to chauffeur insurance that you might not even realise exist, especially if you are taking out chauffeur insurance for the first time.

What are the Benefits?

Many people do not like using brokers because they see them as an intermediary. While this is true, in this case they are definitely worth using. This is because brokers will have great knowledge of the industry and offer a number of solutions. They are often able to offer great deals, too, as insurers will offer a discount to broker customers in return for the extra business being sent their way.

Finding a Broker

To find the best broker to provide your chauffeur insurance premiums, first look at their website. Does the text look as you would expect it to? Do they talk about the different types of chauffeur insurance available, or is it a simple, “Hey, we do chauffeur insurance, why not buy it here?”

You will be able to tell whether a broker is good enough from this first impression, but then you will need to get into the details of what they offer. Here are some questions you might ask of them:

  • If I need to speak to someone or make a claim, do I deal with yourselves or the insurance company?
  • Can I cover a vehicle for personal use on the same policy? You might need to do this if you drive an executive car, for example, and perform chauffeur duties on the side.
  • If I provide customer testimonials and prove I am a reliable driver, can you offer reduced premiums?
  • Can I get public liability insurance within my premium, and when put in the premium is it cheaper than if I purchased it myself?

You might also want to ask questions around the times you can chauffeur and where you can park your vehicle, as some policies might only allow you to use a particular car or be working until 11pm, for example.

Tips to Remember

The best insurance policies only come available if you have the most accurate idea of what you will be doing. Where will you be driving, at what time, and what will you be doing in between dropping off and picking up times? Be sure to plan these before seeking out a broker, and you will find it easier to find a great broker as well as the best insurance premiums.

Image Author: violarenate