Tips for Finding a Courier Insurance Broker

Finding courier insurance, whether you are doing it for the first time or you have been doing the job for years, can be intimidating and frustrating in equal measure. As a result, finding a courier insurance broker to help you get the cover you need is something that many consider.

Although some people dislike dealing with a ‘middle man,’ when it comes to insurance it is often the case that the easier something is, the better. Not only can a broker help you get the correct type of cover you need, they can also help you get the best deal possible.

Specialist Insurance

Taking out courier insurance is not like insuring a car, where you decide the type of policy you want and then fill in the relevant details to get a quote. There are many intangibles related to courier insurance. As it is such a specialist market, finding a knowledgeable broker makes sense.

Brokers generally have healthy and productive relationships with insurance companies; and you are the one that reaps the benefits of these, not only with the cost but also with add-ons such as free or heavily discounted breakdown cover and legal assistance.

What to Ask

In addition to finding a broker based on reputation and what you hear from other couriers you may already know, asking a series of simple questions when seeking out a broker will help you discover whether they are likely to be useful.

Consider asking the following:

  • What savings can I expect to make by using a broker?
  • What options do you offer so I can enjoy courier insurance that is 100% tailored and built around my own requirements?
  • Do the insurers you work with offer different levels of cover based on the value of goods I will be carrying, as well as overseas cover?
  • Which companies do you work with overseas, so if I breakdown or have an accident in a foreign country, I can be recovered and continue working as soon as possible?

All of these questions will help to inform you about whether a broker is going to be worthwhile for you.

Things to Think About

As well as the points above, think about the level of service you receive at the sales stage. Does your broker seem interested in getting you the best cover, or are they simply trying to make a sale? It is amazing how much a simple observation can tell you, and it could lead to you choosing the broker that gives you the cover perfect for your needs at a highly competitive price.