Tips for Finding a Limousine Insurance Broker

It doesn’t matter whether you own a limousine to use for your own personal pleasure or you’re using it to hire out and make some extra income, you’re naturally going to want to find the best insurance policy that meets you needs.

Because the intricacies of limousine insurance can be complex, depending on your reasons for needing insurance and the different levels of cover available, it is usually best to use an insurance broker to help you find a suitable policy.

Broker Benefits

Using an insurance broker has many benefits, but the biggest is undoubtedly the time you’ll save by having to shop around for insurance yourself. Remember that limousine insurance is a very specialised area, and understanding the market and finding quotes yourself could take a while, and potentially cost you a lot of money if you use your limo for business purposes.

A broker who offers limousine insurance will have an intimate understanding of the market, as well as access to the best deals available. This means you’ll find a tailored insurance policy quicker and be able to start using your limo as soon as possible.

What to Ask a Broker

You need to drill down into the specifics of what you’re looking for when sourcing an insurance broker. If you’re new to limousine insurance, you might not know exactly what you need, but a leading broker will be able to assist and advise you without bias.

Here are some questions you ought to be asking:

  • Can my vehicle be covered for both private and business use on the same policy?
  • What added extras are available alongside the policies of your partners, such as added protection against damage caused by passengers, or cover for appliances within the vehicle?
  • Do you offer risk management if I were to ensure more than one limousine?
  • Do you offer employer’s and public liability insurance within your policies, and if so, what proportion of the cost do they represent?

Things to Remember

To get the best possible insurance cover and quote, you’ll need to have a good idea of the distances you’re going to drive, as well as how often your vehicle will be used, and how many people will be using it. For example, the level of cover required for chauffeuring hen night attendees around town each weekend will be different to that if you use your vehicle for one or two-hour limousine experiences in your local area.

Once you know this and have an idea of your likely limousine use, you’ll be in a great place to find the best brokers and access the most favourable insurance deal available.