Tips for Finding a Minibus Insurance Broker

Whatever vehicle you drive, it is natural that you want to find the best possible insurance cover. While you can use comparison websites and various other tools, using an insurance broker is often the best way to get access to the best range of deals and get your vehicle insured as efficiently as possible with the exact type of cover you need.

This is certainly true if you drive a minibus. Not only does a minibus require a specialist type of insurance, there are many factors related to minibus driving that could have a big impact on the final cost of your insurance premium. Although people find comparison sites and the like helpful, the fact remains that you can only fill in the form in front of you. In contrast, and insurance broker will work for you, and listen to everything you have to say to help you find the policy best tailored to you, rather than you filling in the form to match your needs as closely as possible.

Defining Your Insurance

The easiest way to get the best minibus insurance is to talk to brokers about your specific need. Most specialist insurance brokers will offer minibus insurance, but look for those that offer great deals based around your use of the vehicle. For example, the insurance policy and premiums for a minibus used to transport children on school trips is going to be different to that for taking elderly people on days outs or to the hospital. Likewise, a minibus that is used as more of a taxi and drives hen and stag night attendees to their destination is going to be different, too.

Although it will be difficult to find a broker that specialises solely in these areas, you will be able to find brokers who have connections with insurance companies that offer specialist cover, which should mean you keep your premiums low.

Additional Considerations

You should also consider and ask about the following when seeking out a minibus insurance broker:

  • Is it possible to cover my minibus for multi-use? For example, could a school make money by hiring out the minibus and a driver at the weekend?
  • What level of cover does my minibus have in terms of public liability, and how is this cover defined according to how I use the vehicle?
  • Can I get discounts if I’m using the minibus in the community? If you use the minibus for schoolchildren or the elderly, for example, you might receive substantial discounts as you are not strictly using the vehicle for commercial reasons.

Finding Your Broker

Instead of searching comparison sites, search brokers instead, and get the best cover that you won’t find on other websites from specialists who know the market and can find cover 100% tailored to your requirements.

Image Author: voyages provence