Top 5 Resources for Finding Great Car Insurance

Car owners know the additional expenses they are going to incur as a result of having their own vehicle, from vehicle excise duty to fuel, insurance, and other associated costs that may need meeting from time to time. It is common for all car owners to always be looking for the best deal on whatever it is they need. It is important to recognise that the best deal and the cheapest deal are not always the same thing. You can get cheap car insurance, for example, but does it cover everything you need?

Thankfully, there are enough resources and services available to ensure you get the best deal 100% tailored to your needs. What are the top 5?


Using an insurance broker is an excellent opportunity for all motorists to get their ideal car insurance deal. Instead of ticking boxes on a website, drivers instead tell the broker what they are looking for and then get told about the best deals relevant to them. Any additional requests or particular circumstances can be included when finding a policy, enabling brokers to provide the quickest route to high quality insurance deals.

2.Friends & Family

If you are buying a car for the first time and so shopping for insurance for the first time, speak to your friends and family. What insurance cover do they have, what are the benefits associated with it, and how much does it cost?

This can be especially fruitful if you have someone close with an insurer that offers discounts for introducing new customers, as you will potentially enjoy a healthy discount on your policy.

3.Car Dealers

Car dealers, especially if they are selling one manufacturer’s models exclusively, will often have great knowledge about the best places to look for insurance. Yes, they might point you to a broker or a specific insurance company, but at least you’ll have an idea of where to start.

The best car sellers have done their research and know roughly what a car will cost to ensure and who with. After all, things like the likely insurance costs are a big part of deciding what car to buy in the first place!

4.Price Comparison Sites

These are useful for getting an idea of price rather than for actually buying the insurance, as you can quickly find yourself being bombarded with sales phone calls and emails several times a day. You should also remember that some insurers don’t have their prices on such websites. Get an idea of how much you can expect to pay, and use it as a negotiating tool.

5.Your Employer

This might seem like an odd place to look, but it is likely there is some sort of blanket business cover in place for your business. While that won’t cover you for personal use, you can always discover who your employer gets the insurance from and ask the people who deal with it to refer you or ask whether you may receive a discount.

Image Author: pmarkham