What Should Chauffeur Insurance Policies Cover?

It does not matter whether you are a full time chauffeur and it is your main source of income, or whether it is something you do to bring in extra money at evenings and weekends. Whatever your circumstances, you need to ensure you have the correct level of insurance cover before you go out to work and start earning your money. This ensures that both yourself and your customers are protected against all possible scenarios.

Here is what your policy should cover.

The Vehicle

This is the most obvious point, but what you need to know is that you should seek out specialist chauffeur insurance. If you perform chauffeur duties in a ‘standard’ vehicle, then it is unlikely that your regular insurance company will or can provide cover for this. Therefore, seeking out adequate cover for your vehicle is essential. A good insurance broker will be able to find you a policy that covers the vehicle both when chauffeuring and being used by yourself.

If you are driving a limousine or another vehicle specifically associated with chauffeuring, then you might be able to bolt on chauffeur insurance to the specialist insurance you need for the specific vehicle.

Look for your policy to include damage done by customers so you can potentially claim for repairs and even cleaning of the vehicle where necessary.


This point is massive if chauffeuring is your main source of income; ensure your policy offers a replacement vehicle, irrespective of who is at fault when yours is off the road. It might not be something you ever use, but having the option is better than the sum of money you will potentially lose without it.

Breakdown Cover

The experience your customers have when being chauffeured around in your vehicle will dictate whether they use you again. Most of the time, you cannot control whether a car will break down, but you can control how quickly problems are addressed. By ensuring you have breakdown cover included in your policy, your customers will be assured they can get where they need to be despite any issues. The break down is not ideal, but protecting your reputation by ensuring there is something in place quickly is a ‘must do.’

Public Liability Cover

Do not take it for granted that this will always be included; ask, not just that it is there, but to what amount of money you are covered. It sounds like one of those things that could never happen to you, but it just takes one accident where a customer or another member of the public is involved, and you could be looking at being liable for vast costs. Ensure you are covered so you are not likely to be left facing a hefty legal bill.

Above all, ensure the policy covers everything you need it do. These are the essentials, but consider anything else that might be a specific need for you.

Image Author: The Daring Librarian