What Should Courier Insurance Policies Cover?

Becoming a courier is an option that many people are exploring. Some are doing small pieces of courier work, such as delivering post and parcels in their local area for a few hours each morning, while others do it as a full time job. While there are adverts in numerous publications and online that talk about the ease with which one can become a courier, it is not as simple as just deciding that you want to do it.

Most people understand what they need to do in terms of acquiring a vehicle and coming up with a plan that is cost effective and allows them to make money, but courier insurance often is not a part of this. What should a courier insurance policy cover?

Goods in Transit

In addition to covering the vehicle, this is the most important aspect of courier insurance, and will be automatically included in all policies. However, it is not as straightforward as that. What you need to do is be covered for the value of goods you will be carrying. This might be calculated as a total or as individual pieces. For example, if you are delivering small packages from catalogues that all cost less than £200, the cover you will need will cost less than if you have a huge van and are doing home removals or transporting individual goods of high value.

Also insure that you are covered against the theft of such goods as well as any damage that might occur during any accidents.

Vehicle Damage & Theft

Without a vehicle, you have no business. If you transport a lot of goods on a daily basis, that could mean a significant hole in your finances. Ensure that not only do you have adequate cover for your vehicle, but that you can also access a replacement vehicle in the interim to ensure you do not let customers down and lose money.

Multi-Country Cover

Your driving licence allows you to drive in another country, but does your insurance policy cover you for such trips? If you are based in the UK, it might be tempting to not check your cover if you are driving to Northern France, or even have a contract in the Irish Republic, but it is not worth putting yourself and your business at risk. If you are driving outside of the country where you took out the insurance, check what you need to do to be covered elsewhere.

Public Liability

From a freak accident where the back of your van spills onto the road or an injury that occurs when handing over a package, the most unusual things can often cause you the biggest headaches. With public liability cover, you can work safe in the knowledge that you are covered for every eventuality.