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Welcome to XYZ Insurance, a top choice for all your insurance needs. We specialize in providing insurance for those who carry passengers, drive for work and who deliver packages for a living. You may not immediately realise it, but insuring those who drive extensively for business is often a difficult task. While you may be able to get basic motor insurance on your own by dealing with the insurance company, working with an independent agent like XYZ insurance is the best option if you need more specialized solutions.

Some of the major types of insurance we provide includes:

Motor Trade Insurance – For those professionals who make a living within the motor trade industry whether it be buying, selling, fixing or cars, trucks and other automobiles.

Taxi Insurance – Those who operate a taxicab have many additional insurance concerns. XYZ understands every licensing authority is different and will help get you the coverage you need.

Courier Insurance – Insurance for those who deliver items or operate a courier service can be a bit complex. Here at XYZ we strive to take the complexities out of your insurance policy.

Minibus Insurance – Minibus or van insurance gives you the confidence you need for your bus-based business whatever the use. Whether its hire & reward, charity or standard social domestic and pleasure, XYZ are the smart choice.

Chauffeur Insurance – Anyone working as a chauffeur needs additional insurance or varying use. We have polices to suit all.

As you can see, XYZ Insurance has the knowledge and expertise to make sure you are covered in the event of any type of accident or incident. Give us a call or contact us online and you will see our Customer Care Team at work as well. We are always here for you; whether you want to sign a policy today or you are just asking questions, our team will make sure you get the service you need. XYZ Insurance may be last alphabetically, but we are first in customer service and satisfaction.