Courier Insurance FAQs

Would you like some more information on courier insurance? We are here to help you with this list of frequently asked questions about courier insurance. If you would like any further help and support, please contact a member of our team today with any queries that you may have.

What is Courier Insurance?

Courier insurance is insurance for individuals or companies who deliver goods for hire and reward. Couriers will receive money from third parties to deliver goods on their behalf. Courier drivers do not need to have specific contracts and they may advertise multi-drop deliveries.

Courier van drivers usually operate a vehicle that is no more than 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight. Anything above this weight then you would normally use HGV insurance instead.

What is the difference between Courier Insurance and private car insurance?

For driving a vehicle in the UK, it is a legal requirement that your vehicle is insured to be on the roads. This type of car insurance is commonly referred to as private car insurance. Courier insurance is for insuring cars, vans, or motorcycles to carry goods for hire and reward. In order to be properly insured as a courier service you will need to have the right insurance policy for your vehicle. Courier insurance can also be referred to as Courier Van Insurance, Light Haulage Van Insurance, and Hire &  Reward Courier Insurance.

What Courier Insurance schemes are offered at XYZ?

At XYZ, there are many specialist courier insurance schemes that we can offer you. Vehicles that XYZ can offer insurance for include vans, bikes, cars, and motorcycles that are carrying goods for hire and reward purposes. We also cater for small and large courier fleets, new drivers, and also offer specialist UK and International
schemes too. With a dedicated customer service team, we are here to help find the best courier insurance for you.

Depending on your vehicle, its intended use and your type of business we also have a wide range of other insurances that could suit you including taxi insurance,  minibus insurance, breakdown insurance and much more.

Can I get a Courier Insurance quote online?

Yes, you can. At XYZ we have an online form that you can complete to get an online courier insurance quote. The form will require you to fill out your details and vehicle information to get an instant insurance quote from us.

If you would prefer talking on the phone instead, you can call us today for a competitive insurance quote on 01268 916 916.

What does Courier Insurance cover?

The choice of cover is up to you. XYZ will be able to offer you:

  • Full Comprehensive
  • Third Party Fire & Theft
  • Third Party only

Are there any add ons or extras that may be beneficial for my Courier Insurance?

At XYZ Insurance we understand that courier insurance can be crucial for you to run your courier business. Therefore, we supply you with a courtesy vehicle so that you can continue working in the event of a non fault claim. Other add ons that we can supply are breakdown cover, goods in transit cover, and public liability insurance at competitive premiums.

If I do not have any courier no claims bonus or have no had a full UK driving licence for long, will my Courier Insurance be expensive?

At XYZ Insurance, we have specialist schemes that are available for courier drivers who do not have courier no claim bonus. If you happen to have no claim bonus on a private car, we will take this into account and apply a discount – allowing us to offer you a competitive quotation.

We also have heavily discounted schemes available for courier drivers who have been driving on company/someone else’s insurance, if they can give us proof of this. We also cater for new drivers by providing competitive courier insurance schemes to drivers who have no had their full UK driving licence for long.

Can I transfer my private car no claims bonus onto my courier policy?

Yes, you can. We have a panel of courier insurers who offer generous discounts for private cars with no claims bonus. Some of these insurers will mirror car no claims  bonus where others will offer introductory discounts.

Can I get European cover abroad for my courier van insurance?

Yes, you can. We have courier insurance policies which allow travel within EU member countries for up to 90 days in any one year – for both pleasure and business use.

Can I add my wife/husband to the policy for social use?

Yes, you can.

Can I Have more than one driver to my Courier Insurance?

Yes. You can have up to four named drivers or we can also offer you driver policies. Although, the more people you have on your courier insurance may increase the  amount you pay for your insurance.