Should Taxis Be Going Greener?

Environmental issues are nothing new to anyone who keeps up with current affairs. For at least 20 years, we have all been told that we should be doing more to help the environment. This has seen huge changes in the way individuals live and in the way businesses operate. Businesses that involve the use of transport are a common example of the need to reduce environmental impact.

London Black Cabs

London Black Cabs

Taxis are on the road all the time, visible in towns and cities across the road every day.

Hybrid Taxis

While several taxi drivers and companies have started driving hybrid vehicles, traditional taxis such as black cabs are still known for the damage they can cause to the environment. A time is likely to come in the near future where tradition is forgotten and people start to deal with the reality.

Taxi companies starting to use hybrid vehicles have more to gain than simply feeling good about making a difference to the environment. Such an initiative will gain publicity and attract individual and business customers who are conscious about dealing with only the most ethical partners around. Vehicle Excise Duty, for those taxis based in the United Kingdom, will also reduce, fuel costs, which are always controversial, could tumble, and there will be potential savings made on taxi insurance, too.

Why a Hybrid Vehicle Might Reduce Taxi Insurance

Insurance companies are just like any other business; they want to be seen as great to deal with and offering a solution that does not just benefit themselves financially.

For this reason, many leading insurers and insurance brokers offer substantial taxi insurance discounts for individuals and fleets if hybrid vehicles are being used. Can you imagine the controversy and outcry that would occur if insurance companies decided that hybrid vehicles were to be subject to significantly higher insurance premiums?

Although insurance companies might not have a glowing reputation among consumers, they are part of the motor trade as much as vehicle manufacturers and sellers are. Insurance companies will only be profitable if many cars are being sold, and if the majority of these are hybrids, which will surely be the case in the future, whether they are to be used as taxis or not, it is down to these firms to be providing insurance schedules that fit the needs of the market.

Evolution of the Modern City

Although taxis are seen everywhere, it is within the inner cities that they are most common. Modern cities all have some sort of initiative relating to reducing emissions and improving the environment, whether this is by limiting speeds, having a congestion charge, or even a levy for certain vehicles, which means that going green is the best option for taxi drivers and firms both now and into the future.

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